Portfolio Management

Debt collection and loan recovery

For the large and growing distressed market, AMS Bulgaria offers non-performing loan services which bring together business, financial, legal, technical and real estate competencies into a single solution of exceptional quality and effectiveness.
The range of services, offered principally to the banking sector and institutional investors, includes the analysis, valuation and assistance with the recovery of non-performing loans.


Non-performing loans services include:

  • Loan and mortgage analysis
  • Cash flow analysis and forecast timing (business plan)
  • Analysis and appraisal of legal and procedural matters
  • Valuation of underlying assets with the identification of the potential for debt recovery
We work with our clients to formulate alternative scenarios according to strategic objectives and the requirements of the creditors. We consider individual strategies for recovery optimization of each asset as well as global strategies for financial reporting, portfolio disposals or securitization.

Due Diligence

  • Data gathering and organization in data-room environments, as well as consultancy regarding loan analysis and valuation.