The independent loan management Servicer

AMS Bulgaria is a company specializing in problematic loan and distressed assets management.

Thanks to the complementary nature of the company, AMS Bulgaria is a strategic Partner for Investors and Banks as regards the integrated management of both.
AMS Bulgaria is member of the professional association “Austrian Business Circle”.

Flexibility, dynamism and pragmatism born of acknowledged expertise.



Mission and Vision



Specialized in the loan management for Investors and Banks

To create value for Banks and Investors. By means of diversified strategies created in close collaboration with the Customer, wherever possible AMS looks for out-of-court solutions to ensure the prompt recovery of outstanding loans, thereby maximizing profitability and optimizing the cost-performance ratio.


An innovative approach to loan management

With the highest levels of specialization and the diversified and complementary expertise gained through collaborations with Bulgarian banking institutions, AMS Bulgaria is able to anticipate market fluctuations and to simplify the processes by acting as the Banks' problem-solver.


Distinctive features


We are independent Bulgarian loan servicer in the Loan Service market.

We offer Investors and Banks an efficient operating model that is modulable according to the Customer's needs and based on 4 key factors.

1. Experience

We offer Banks and Investors a full range of integrated, highly specialized services thanks to our consolidated experience gained in the problematic loans market and by establishing strategic partnerships.

2. Strong track record

We offer an excellent operating model, a proven track record that covers the entire life-cycle of loans, and a solid market reputation.
We offer a specialized consultancy service aimed at pinpointing the most appropriate recovery strategy using a scalable and modular management platform.

3. System & Operations

We use a computer system with a legal database specifically developed to manage high loan volumes, optimizing the processes and making the credit management process more effective. We design specialized reports aimed at improving the precision of the management monitoring process.

4. Professional resources

Highly experienced management and highly qualified and motivated employees with skills that are constantly being upgraded through ongoing training.
The people working at AMS Bulgaria get more training opportunities throughout their entire career and via more learning channels, from e-learning through to learning by doing.
Our centralized structure was designed to manage high operating volumes and with the aim of achieving maximum efficiency and speed in the decision-making processes.